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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Green Gift Guide

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping. 'Tis the Season! What will your loved ones receive from you?

My Giving List:
Shea Butter, Makeup Removal Cloths, Spa Socks, Kids Backpack from Norwex
Photo books designed on Shutterfly and Tiny Prints, which also has cool notebooks and calendars
Refurbished items, ie beautiful wooden doll cradle found at local antique store
Homemade items, ie tool bench built by my handy sis and me!

I love giving gifts I know will produce a smile :) What doesn't make me smile? Wrapping paper, bows, name tags. Sure they look pretty, but what a waste.

I could repeat last year's tactic; throw a blanket over it all. I know, so redneck. Can't remember how the day escaped me, but it did, like usual. No time to wrap, or rather seemed so unnecessary two hours before it would be ripped off and thrown away. Hubby gave me the "for real?" look with a slight smile. But nobody cared when we were playing with new toys instead of cleaning up old paper!

I do have a handful of wrapping paper rolls downstairs just waiting to become swords or megaphones. I'll use those up, then maybe try an alternative. Hmm... Reusable bags? Scrap materials? Newspapers? Scarlet's artwork? Then I won't feel so bad for throwing it away.

I love you, honey. And I love your art. But the "activities" are out of control. We have to establish some recycling efforts, esp since she fervently declares she'll be an artist one day.


I expressed my love for the Environmental Working Group (EWG) in a previous blog. Below are green gift ideas from the EWG President himself. Better yet, when you order these gifts from Amazon via EWG.ORG, a percentage of proceeds go back to EWG to help fund more research, hence more discoveries, hence more action and education.

Here is his holiday newsletter:

When I'm shopping for the perfect gifts for my friends and family, I want to make sure that I am not only getting them something they will love, but something that's healthy and sustainable as well. So I asked our top researchers to come up with some great gifts to share with you.

Here are some festive, and green, ideas:
This year, you can give your loved ones great gifts while still supporting EWG. By shopping on Amazon through our special link (http://ewg.org/amazon), a portion of what you pay (but nothing extra) will support EWG and the work that you count on all year long.

Thank you for being there for us time and time again.

Happy Holidays,

Ken Cook
President, Environmental Working Group

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