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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Winter Daze Ahead

And so it begins... Winter in the Heartland. How long will it last? Not thinking of that right now, thinking instead of "shreddin the nar" at Terry Peak. I do not know what that means. My friend Sara and I overhead some tween snowboarders throwing around those terms a couple winters ago.

Not only is my ski outfit out of style, so is my lingo. Good thing good friend Jason intercepted my carefully selected 80's boots at the ski swap last year. But they were so sleek, and you just turned this dial to tighten them. I really dislike ski boot buckles. They always frustrate me. And make me sweaty. But apparently the twisteroo is no longer cool.

So instead I tromped away with eggshell sheen, fur-lined, heater plug-in capabilities, at a great steal. Okay, maybe I'll master the buckle.

Winter, I do grow to appreciate you more. Just please keep it tame for holiday traveling, that's all I ask. Along with winter comes worry for me. Family on the road, especially my Dad driving long days and nights. Hubby going to and fro. Friends driving here and there. Strangers swerving in and out. Everyone to a destination, to see people, to reach deadlines. We all need a little help during the cold months.

And I'm going to need some help if I really do go on this girls' weekend ski trip to Red Lodge, with some novices I might add. Bring on the snow, so this bunny can learn to shred the nar :)

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