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Saturday, December 17, 2011


It's 5:46am, and I'm a little giddy.
I finally get a chance to write a lil' ditty.

I actually used that term this week, in a professional meeting.
It just came out. "Um yes, I have a lil' ditty to share."

A couple chuckles feed me, in another professional meeting, two days later.
Think I'm going to revive it.

Here'z a lil' ditty, and it goes sumpin lahk thiz:

There I was walkin' down the street,
When a real fine lady said come have a seat.
I tried to sit down in the chair, but...

Who knows the rest of the lyrics or title to that song?! Prize if you do! Not sure what, but I'll come up with something. From what I read, contests are the key in the blogging world :)

Anyway, TGIF. Busy week, upcoming busy morning, afternoon, and evening. Seems like our sections of time are full like that until we depart for home next week. I look forward to living vs doing. Everyday and holiday chores get in the way of spending time with MY own family. 

Oh, Christmas. I love you, and can't wait to share you with my kids, absorb their joy, create memories, imagine new ones, see home town friends, familiar faces, others I haven't seen in years.

Yes, it's always rushed, but it's worth it. I think we've actually spaced it out quite well this year, while accommodating my dear Dad, who never asks for anything, but did make a special request. So, to kick off the holiday whirlwind weekend, we will be watching Tim Tebow on Christmas Eve morning at a local establishment.

My dad and I have shared this relationship with the Broncos since I was in middle school, around the time my parents split. He was living in a shack, pretty much, but I loved that shack, and the upgrade right next door. Many probably remember the good-time gatherings on 5th St NW while Dad was on the road. I've already come clean to him.

Back to the Broncos, synonymous with Elway at the time. Vivid memories of Dad and I watching Elway's hail Mary's on his tiny TV with rabbit ears. Blurry. No sound. Except from the sports casters on the little radio behind us. Sound vs light.

Fast forward a few years, my love for the Broncos dwindles. It was all about Elway for me, or maybe the cheers and excitement between my dad and me in that 5x7 room. Fast forward more years, we barely cover the basics in our phone conversations because kids always get the best of me.

Live. Today. Although I don't have the time to sit and watch the games, from what i hear you only have to watch the last quarter anyway, which is exactly the excitement that drew me to Elway.

So Dad, my gift to you this year is a true commitment to the Broncos again. Besides, Tebow is cute, PLUS I scored a navy velour zip-up hoodie with a small Broncos logo on one of the front pockets and a little "butt-cap" embroidery on the back. It's perfect. AND it was on sale for $15 at TJ Maxx. Love those finds. Maybe it was a sign from Santa.

Back to reality. My ditty is over. Tackle the other stuff, ie completing some homemade Christmas projects I cannot reveal til after next weekend! Then I must clean my house before my neighbor lady across the street comes over to watch the kids for an hour.

I imagine. "Your office is full of cleaning paraphernalia, yet your house looks like this?"

Yes, guilty. But doing my best. Chugging along these days. Sections.

Morning: preschool drop off, Norwex drop off, was hoping gym but can't squeeze it in, clean, wrap gifts that need to be delivered today, make some calls, send some emails, address stamp approval, preschool pick up.

Noon: lunch meeting while neighbor watches kids, in hopefully a clean house. Ooh, maybe I'll run to get my Christmas cards quick too. And maybe I should return those shirts. And I need stamps...

Afternoon: finish some projects, more calls and emails, wash bedding downstairs because might have family staying this weekend. My Godson Justin will be burning up the court at the high school basketball game tonight. Family night.

Plus high school sports, kinda fun! Although my kids' future high school is so beyond what I can comprehend compared to my high school. Numbers alone. I graduated with 16 people including myself and a foreign exchange student. These graduating classes are upwards of 1000. Crazy to me.

Anticipating another fun weekend. Basketball, spin class, ginger bread house making, present wrapping, birthday party, more basketball, Shanghai Rummy maybe, Sunday School, skiing, cookie baking, Cookie party. Pretty much like this until we load into the truck, day still undecided.

Hope I don't get a cold sore.

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