Mama Chas

Monday, May 30, 2011

Quest for Better

I guess it all started four years ago when I was pregnant with our first child. I could not wait to be a mom! My husband and I were living in Hoboken, NJ, working in NYC. The commute was starting to rattle me, and I wasn't loving my job at the time, nor was I very good at it, but my head was all about babies, I admit. The day I learned I was pregnant, I pretty much checked out.

During previous meetings, my manager would ask, "Chas, do you like your job?" I would automatically respond, "Yes, I love it!" The job was fine, but my heart was elsewhere. I wanted a baby!! I wanted to start our family. I wanted to focus on a bigger world than the office and job seekers I interviewed all day. Just so happens a meeting with the manager occurred the very afternoon after an early morning positive pregnancy test, and obviously a day of unproductivity, so when she asked, "How are you liking your job?" I finally admitted, "I truly love the people I work with, but it pretty much ends there."

We both agreed my stint was up, and I was elated for the second time that day. But the high was short-lived when I discovered I was only a couple months along, oops. Husband, I'm pregnant and I quit my job... Luckily, I found part-time recruiting work, which allowed part-time baby research! I immersed myself in baby journals, baby blogs, baby books, baby, baby, baby. Some might say it was a bit obsessive, but I argue that I just like to be educated. And educate myself I did.

No one had to convince me that scented laundry detergent was unnecessary and dryer sheets were slightly toxic; I concluded that after a few convincing articles. I can easily live without both, and if it's healthier for my unborn child, then why wouldn't I? So, I bought scent-free detergent and discarded the dryer sheets because WHY NOT?

Fast forward a couple years, daughter Scarlet was 15 months, second child on the way, we decided to move back to the heartland. My stepsister invited me to a Norwex party.

What the hell is Norwex? I don't want to go. Cleaning products? I for sure don't want to go. But what else do I have to do? I'm pregnant and living in my in-law's basement.

So I went and quickly realized I made the right decision. I didn't have to be sold on the products because I already believed in the purpose. My new-found love and respect for Norwex made all that overwhelming research make sense and feel less overwhelming, so I started with the basics: Enviro Cloth, Window Cloth, Dust Mit, Laundry Detergent, Dryer Balls. Immediate relief knowing my kids, my husband, and myself would live a much healthier life with just a few simple changes, ahhh....

Fast forward a couple more years, I've been selling Norwex for a year and a half now. I love educating others on the ease and sensibility of transitioning from the archaic mindset of "If it doesn't smell like bleach, it ain't clean" to rethinking "What does clean really mean?"

Hence this blog. It's a work in progress, but I'm proud of my progress. And it's little effort, which for me, makes this lifestyle sustainable. One could argue that a $15 cleaning cloth seems a little much, but I counter that with I haven't bought one cleaning product in almost two years and my $25 bag of laundry detergent lasted me 16 months. Beat that!

Furthermore, I pride myself on no longer being prey to our growing consumable chemical cleaning world. Over 80,000 new chemicals have been created and introduced into society in the past 50 years, most of which have not undergone any sort of significant testing on long-term effects.

I'm not arguing that chemical cleaners cause cancer; I'm simply saying I choose not to take that chance. I see sickness and disease resulting from numerous variables in a sequence of events and situations and history; but if I can eliminate a few of those variables in a way that also saves me money and time and my family's health, then it's a no-brainer. It just makes me feel good :)

I receive product raves from my customers all the time. My purpose here is to share those, share what I know, and share what I continue to learn, and ask that others take this journey with me. I firmly believe life is an unedited story, always is evolving, always needs revising.

Please check out my website at chasitymarcus.norwex.biz and educate yourself about Norwex Enviro Products; you will be happy that you did! Be sure to read "About Norwex: Why Norwex, Mission Statement, Core Values" and you will instantly feel the passion and integrity of this company. 

~ peace, Mama Chas